Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perfection...6 years later

Baby just look at us

all this time and we're still in love
Something like this just don't exist between a

Backwoods boy and a fairytale princess

People said it would never work out

But living dreams, we shattered all doubts

Feels good to prove 'em wrong

Livin' our love song

Darling, when you look at me

With my heart beatin' fast, and my shaky knees

It's pretty hard to believe
After all these years, I still need you this badly

Today is the big day!!!!!!!!! I leave to go see Jeff!!!!!! He graduates BCT tomorrow morning at 9 AM!!!!! I'm officially GEEKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff and I have been through a lot the last 6 years...more than a lot of couples issues, personal issues, questioning whether we were to young to know whether we belonged together, depression, crazy wedding plans, getting pregnant WAY to soon, and now being apart during our marriage...but you know what, it's really made us stronger and really made us appreciate this amazing and beautiful love that we have. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have him next to me in this life :) We were truely saved for each other <3>

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