Friday, March 26, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure....

Yes. The day that we all have anxiously been waiting for FINALLY arrived. My husband graduated BCT. It was the first time I had seen him since January and it was everything from happy, to weird, to overwhelming...every emotion you could think of. He is a new person (in some aspects) and that is not a bad'll just take this girl some getting used to!!! He picked up some funny habits from his battle buddies in BCT and they formed a lot of inside jokes that he'll whip out and I just look at him like...UH??? All in all, he is the most amazing person and I am so proud of all he accomplished the last 10 weeks... p.s- watching him shovel his food down at Ryans was hilarious...we told him that he wasn't being timed but he just was so used to Eat Fast or Go Hungry!

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from the first two days of the trip..

Jeff with his Drill Sargeants WILD DAWGS was his platoons nickname :) They are some WILD DAWGS too!!!
During Graduation...(he's the one in the middle)

Battle buddy!!! Those two were a hoot together... "Guy, come on...seriously guy"

First hug and kiss in 2 1/2 months...needless to was perfect.
I'll get to spend part of the day with him tomorrow and then its back to good ole Iowa. It'll be a tearful trip back on Sunday. But I did reserve a hotel on post for next weekend and will get some time with him.
New Countdown: Jeff comes home in 51 days :) :) :) :)
*Peace and Love

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  1. Love the pictures and you guys are so cute. :]