Monday, March 15, 2010

The 5th season of the year...

Motorcycle season. Its a solid April-October. Sometimes you get lucky enough to start in March and get even luckier when you get to extend it into November. There is nothing comparable to sitting on the bike and feeling the fresh air as you take a joy ride. Since Jeff won't be able to ride until the end of May and I'm out of commission until at least July... I want to dedicate this post to our favorite season of the year!


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to get my bike out!!! Riding season was short last year...with all the rain and freezing coldness in july...sad! Im hoping to graduate from permit to license this year!

  2. There are almost no Bikes out here. :[ Sad...

  3. But look at all the crazy people trying to ride on the sandy streets of Cedar Rapids. I worry that somebody is going to take spill in front of me.