Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rambling on...

Well, sorry it has been so long since I blogged...Hopefully you all aren't losing interest in my blog..I promise to do better! There just isn't much new here these days right about 3 weeks that will change..

Little mister is growing like a weed- I can't believe that on Friday he will be 1 month old already! that just blows my mind!! Its amazing how much you adapt and life changes when you become a mom. I now do a lot more things one handed since little mister is a snuggler. Even taking a trip to the grocery store is a new experience...everything is different, but not in a bad way. He is starting to "coo" quite a bit now, and I just love it. He is so curious and is always bright eyed and looking around, taking in everything he sees. I think he's going to be an adventurous boy when he's older....

Otherwise not much is new, just working towards the end of the semester...I take my final the day after Jeff about emotional stress overload! This semester has been especially hard for many reasons. 1) its summer and they always move QUICKLY! 2) I had a baby in the middle of the semester 3) The material is way more challenging 4) the staff hasn't been the best 5) I'm not emotionally 100% like I should be!

I'm still working on coming to terms with how I'm going to do all this while Jeff is gone, but he has reassured me multiple times it will all be ok..He is just so sweet <3

I guess the only other remotely new thing is that I have everything all set, and I go back to work right after Labor Day..That gives me and the little one about 4 weeks to get settled and adjust to not having Jeff around before I add even more to our lives and head back to work! I definitely miss my co-workers, but I remember how stressful work can get..and I don't miss that part! But it will be another thing to keep me busy and distracted while my honey is gone!!


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