Friday, July 2, 2010

Making my Return!

AH! I have seriously slacked in the blogging world!!! I have so many blogs to catch up and read! I have missed you all! AND HELLO HELLO to my new followers :)

Where should I start?! Motherhood...wonderful! My precious little man is just so wonderful! I can't even describe it :) I'm very grateful for this little blessing in my life. And I have truely enjoyed watching Jeff interact with his son..I can tell you, there is no greater feeling than sitting on the couch next to Jeff admiring our son :) I'm going to really miss that while Jeff is deployed :/

Between diaper changes, feedings, burpings and being a "housewife" I'm still working hard at my nursing classes! I went to clinicals less than 72 hours after delivering! WHOA! Talk about pure exhaustion at the end of that weekend...I've been tired before, but that was a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! I'm really enjoying what I'm learning right now (coincidently its been the unit about care of a pregnant woman and newborn!) and I love learning new skills at the hospital each weekend for clinicals!

This weekend we are off to St Louis to see all the family and have little man's baby blessing!! Hoping its a smooth weekend and that everybody can get along!

Well, life calls! Back to my duties!

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