Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here is a picture of my cutie to start the post off :) He was in the middle of talking with Nana..
2 1/2 weeks into this deployment. OH! It is going far to slow! However..good news, in 2 months I get to be with Jeff for 4 days :)

I did the math. Our first anniversary is Sept 26. :) We will have spent 4 1/2 months of our marriage together. Yea, that blows. He will spend our 1st anniversary training, I will spend it in clinicals. :( However, even though I've barely spent ANY of my marriage with my husband, its been a wonderful year with him and I'm so glad he is the one I get to spend all eternity with :)

In other news...School started back up. My two weeks off FLEW by..I can't even believe how fast it went..I didn't get to do HALF of what I wanted to do.. *sigh* I guess there is always winter break..which is a WHOLE 3-4 weeks :) This semester is already overwhelming and we've only had one night of class! BUT- I did get ahead already :) I'm getting pretty darn good at getting things done while sqworms is sleeping!
Sooooo...I'm absolutely nuts. I love my little man so much and he has been such a GOOD baby!! Seriously, I'm a lucky gal. Well, my friend just had a little girl, and now...I've got the fever! BABY FEVER! haha. Not really, but man, that day I was like "sqworms needs a sibling!!!"
I guess I should explain--sqworms. Its Cain's nickname. He. Is. Constantly. Moving. He is a mover and a groover! So one day Jeff goes, "He will be called sqworms...SQ-WORMS!" So now he is Sqworms or, as Jeff calls him, Sqwormatron. :) Poor kid. lol


  1. What a cutie, Jen! I love the picture! Being apart will just make your relationship stronger. My Hubby and I spent the entire first year of our marriage apart! We grew in so many ways during that time.

  2. The nickname is cute :)

    And Handsome and I were apart for our first sucked. I honestly don't even remember what we did that night, but we have so many future anniversaries to look forward too!!

    I am really excited to have found a fellow one tree hill fan :) Although, I highly doubt you're as obsessed as I am!! I might pop in the first season tonight...I miss the good ole days of OTH! :)