Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Life Gets you Down..

Things have been pretty rough recently.
Jeff's unit will soon be out of communication..and when I say this, I mean that I'm not sure how often I will get to hear from him now, and how I will hear from him...emails, phone calls, instant messaging, Hopefully skype. I would love that. So I'm trying to adjust to the fact that he won't just be a text message away from saving me from the sadness of that day.

I'm trying to play catch up on everything that I got behind on from my trip/spending so much time at the hospital with my Grandma. Thats always hard to do--catch up on the mounds of laundry, homework, and housework.

Because of the stress I'm under, friendships have taken a hit. I admit it- I'm a bit cranky and short when I get stressed- we shall see what happens in the weeks to come.

Sqworms is teething--that makes for one unhappy baby. He goes from completely happy, to nearly inconsolable at times--poor guy :( I wish I could make him feel better.

I wish there was something awesome I could blog to you all about- but honestly, I have been a little down this week :(

I would like to thank all of the Veterans out there- but I would especially like to thank those in my life currently serving- Especially my husband, my brother, and my two brother in laws! I love you all!!

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