Friday, February 18, 2011


I am pretty emotional today--for a lot of reasons--just wasn't the day I had hoped for today and that set me off into a breakdown...I take comfort in looking at pictures of my here is a little progression from the last 8 months of my life!!!

Return from abscense!

WOW! It has been forever since I blogged!!! I sooooo apologize! Life got a bit out of hand the past few weeks and I could barely squeeze in sleep let alone blogging! School has been taking up so much of my life--between clinicals and a community health day and just class and studying...I feel like I hardly have time for anything else! However I have been working overnights and just am ZONKED the next day!

On the other hand--I have been working out consistently now! I didn't take measurements before I started, but I can feel a difference in how my pants fit!! YAY!! I have a goal in mind- and I am determined to reach it!!

I have some pictures to update but I am not on my computer, so I will try and get them up tomorrow! sorry for being gone so long!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to beat the blues...

The week following Jeff's departure was...rough. I couldn't get motivated to save my life-so needless to say, I didn't accomplish most of my list. Its definitely a hard feeling to be with the spouse and feel normal, and then to have that ripped away again. I am slowly getting back into the routine but I still am not quite there. I sadly didn't make it to the gym last week, and was all prepared to make it there this week, but this darn crazy winter storm screwed up those plans!! The Y is closed :(

Well, sorry for my lack of posting--I worked the night shift recently, so my schedule is all messed up..will blog again soon!!